Two-way radio solution for UCLH header image
Wirefr3 delivers WAVE™ PTX two-way radio solution to UCLH
27th November 2020
Two-way radios delivered to Rickmansworth School
Digital Two-way radios arrive at Rickmansworth School
17th February 2021


The importance of the Phonetic Alphabet

When using a two-way radio, the way we speak and deliver our message is critical. Consistency and clarity are key.  The use of the phonetic alphabet will help you deliver clear and concise information when utilising your two-way radio.


Our consultative approach to two-way radios

Our process will start with an initial FREE survey. This will allow us to evaluate what coverage you have at your site and whether there are any breaks in communication. If there are any coverage issues, we will then advise you on how we can overcome them.

Following the survey, we will then advise you on the licensing procedure which is governed by OFCOM. Wirefr3 can become your agent for your licence and deal directly with Ofcom on your behalf. We can submit the initial application for you and manage the ongoing requirements such as annual renewals, amendments and document management.

You will now need to choose the correct two-way radio, supporting infrastructure and accessories for your site. We will ensure that we understand who will be using the radios, what are their requirements, where will they be using them so that the right radio fits with the environment that you operate in. Too many times we have seen an expensive two-way radio purchased that is quite simply, not the correct solution for the given operation.

Wirefr3 will take the lead when implementing your new two-way radio solution or developing your existing system. By understanding your business and your requirements, we will ensure that your radio system works for you now and will evolve with you in the future.

Wirefr3 will work with you and give you the required level of support along your two-way radio journey.



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