radio talk
Radio Talk – Utilise The Phonetic Alphabet
8th February 2021
Stonor Park using mototrbo digital two-way radios
Mototrbo digital two-way radios arrive at Stonor Park
23rd February 2021

Digital Two-way radios arrive at Rickmansworth School



Wirefr3 are delighted to be providing Rickmansworth School with their new digital two-way radios.  Having previously worked with analogue two-way radios, the school was encountering problems such as poor sound quality, black spots (no coverage) and interference. These communication issues were not allowing the team to operate in the most efficient way.

Having completed our consultation process and extensive testing, we were able to propose a suitable digital two-way radio – the Kirisun DP405.

The Kirisun DP405 is a great option when moving from analogue to digital as the radio works in both digital and analogue which assists with a staggered migration and is also a cost effective option.  The handset is lightweight and has a 2000mAh Li-ion battery, providing up to 16 hours talk time.

The move to digital has provided the team with:

  • Clearer signal – no background noise.  Even when the signal strength weakens, the voice clarity remains the same.
  • Increased coverage – digital technology can increase coverage by up to 20%.  Known black spots within the school were eradicated.
  • Secure transmission – digital radios offer encryption as standard where it is easier to listen in on analogue transmissions.
  • Robust equipment – typically digital radios offer greater reliability and better quality than analogue handsets.

With the on boarding process now complete, the schools new digital two-way radios have been a complete success and have helped provide greater efficiencies for the team.