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Two-way radios – Frequently Asked Questions
4th March 2021
SL1600 at RSPCA
Mototrbo digital two-way radios arrive at RSPCA West Hatch
10th March 2021

Digital two-way radio solution deployed at ASDA Didcot ADC



Wirefr3 are delighted to be supporting ASDA Didcot ADC with their digital transformation project with the supply of Kirisun DP405 digital two-way radios.


Having previously operated with an analogue two-way radio system, the site encountered issues such as poor coverage and interference.  This had a negative knock-on effect with the day-to-day operation of the Distribution Centre, reducing their efficiency objectives and causing frustrations amongst the team.


Wirefr3 completed an extensive site survey, providing us with a thorough understanding of the site layout, how the team operated on a day-to-day basis and what the coverage issues were.

With the results of the survey, deep dive conversations with the Systems Manager took place.  We built a tailored proposal centred around the survey, budget, operational goals and future proofing.  With these key elements, we trialled and tested a digital two-way radio solution for them, using the Kirisun DP405.


With hundreds of test calls made, it was established that the Kirisun DP405 was an effective digital two-way radio solution.   Full coverage was demonstrated, no interference was identified and with the radio lightweight and robust, the radio was fit for purpose.

With the number of radios set, the appropriate team members each had a device that enhanced their working day.  Suitable programming of the radios was undertaken, giving the team relevant channels to operate on.  We also introduced a click-on system allowing reach truck drivers to operate safely and effectively with their two-way radios mounted to their vehicle without having them stored on their person or left freely on the side of the reach truck.  With this solution, we have already seen a reduction in damaged radios as a result of the radios being secure on the reach truck and not dropping to the ground.

Wirefr3 looks forward to supporting ASDA Didcot ADC in the years to come.