wave ptx in congested areas
Motorola Wave PTX offers a solution in congested areas
24th March 2021
Motorola wave ptx accreditation
Motorola Wave PTX Certification Awarded
6th April 2021


Multisite Scenario

Running a large multisite operation has many challenges but it is the communication between each site and operative that is critical and fundamental to success of the organisation.  Having a robust and effective two-way radio system can help ensure that your communication is on point.

Traditional two-way radio solutions for multisites continue to have their place, however the infrastructure and OFCOM licence costs can run into tens of thousands of pounds.  An alternative is Motorola Wave PTX.

Solution – Motorola Wave PTX

This solution begins with a centralised control point – Wave PTX Dispatch.  Connect with your teams from any PC.  Log in with no software to install or maintain; share information with an individual or your entire team via text, photo, video or file attachments.  See your team members on a map based on real time location or replay historical routes.  For important announcements, make a high priority, one-way call.

Your teams across the sites will then communicate with each other and back to Dispatch via their radio – the TLK100.  A slim, powerful and robust radio that operates over 3G/4G/Broadband.  This allows for multisite coverage and indeed further, with calls able to be made Europe wide.

Some of your operatives maybe traveling between sites.  The TLK150 can be deployed into your vehicle fleet and combine the coverage of a nationwide cellular network with the ease of two-way radio communications.  Safely operate while driving, with one button push-to-talk.

It may not be appropriate that all your team have a hand-held radio or a vehicle mounted radio or it may be that key members of the team just want to have the ability to communicate as and when or stay connected if they are working from home.  The Wave PTX Mobile App turns your phone into a PTT handset and delivers instant communication at a touch of a button.  Enjoy instant PTT communication, multimedia messaging and location and mapping services.

Enjoy all the functionality of Motorola Wave PTX and instantly connect your team across different devices, networks and locations and allow see your multisite operation hit new highs!


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