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21st April 2021

Motorola Wave PTX TLK100 to go live in major London hotel


Contract Awarded

We are delighted to announce that Wirefr3 has been awarded a significant new contract to supply and deploy Motorola Wave PTX TLK100 into a major hotel in the centre of London.  More details to follow when our installation is complete.

Solution – Motorola Wave PTX

Built upon our passion and understanding of Motorola Wave PTX and our strong relationships within the hotel sector, we were invited to provide a two-way radio solution for the hotel.

There were several challenges that we had to overcome to provide a viable solution for our new client. These challenges included a significant number of radios and channels/talkgroups being required along with restrictions on the amount of technically assigned licences available.

A thorough consultation process was undertaken with the senior management of the hotel to fully understand their objectives, budgets and operational procedures.  Once fully understood, a survey of the building took place.  A selection of possible two-way radio solutions were tested. Based on functionality and performance, there was one clear winner. This would provide a well rounded solution for the hotel – Motorola Wave PTX.

The Benefits

Full coverage was seen across the hotel while testing the Motorola Wave PTX TLK100, with other radios not performing as well.  As a result, the need for additional and costly two-way radio infrastructure will not be required.  With Motorola Wave PTX not requiring licences, we will not have to make any applications to OFCOM and face the possible issue of limited frequencies.

All teams within the hotel will have their own individual channels to operate on along with emergency broadcast groups.  With 100 groups available, there is significant scope to scale.

The majority of the hotel staff require handheld radios which will come in the form of the TLK100.  To accompany the TLK100, staff will utilise a mixture of wired and bluetooth earpieces.  A selection of the management team will be working across multiple sites and they will be provided with the Motorola Wave PTX App.

We are hugely excited to be able to bring Motorola Wave PTX to our client. We will bring you a further update when the hotel goes live!



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