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Motorola Evolve – the ideal companion for Wave PTX
12th May 2021
Motorola Wave PTX – Enhancing Facilities Management
27th May 2021

Site survey with the Motorola Wave PTX TLK 100


We were delighted to be out on site today at a wonderful location in the Great British countryside. The objective of the day was to complete a comprehensive site survey of the property and grounds. The survey was conducted using the Motorola Wave PTX TLK 100.

The importance of a site survey

Too often, organisations that have a need for two-way radios will jump straight on-line. They will make their purchase only to find the two-way radios purchased are not fit for their own needs.  When you have a two-way radio requirement, ensure that your first port of call is to speak with a reputable and professional two-way radio supplier.  Once these discussions take place, a site survey should be carried out.

The purpose of the site survey is to ensure you are covering your required footprint without blackspots.  If blackspots are identified, then alternative solutions can be discussed and implemented to ensure full coverage of the site.  A site survey also provides a great understanding of how you and your team work. It also provides a platform to discuss what plans and requirements that you may have for the future.  With this understanding, recommending the right two-way radio for you becomes so much easier and will ensure that you have a fully functional and resilient two-way radio system – both for today and the years ahead.

At Wirefr3, we welcome all two-way radio queries and will happily attend site to facilitate a survey. By having a consultative discussion and completing a comprehensive survey, you can have confidence in your two-way radio purchase.


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