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Our two-way radio customer service proposition is a key component to the on-going success of our company, Wirefr3.  Since inception in 2009, the focus of the company has been building long term relationships and creating partners. We do not want to be known as just another supplier of two-way radios.  This approach benefits both our clients and ourselves, with 80% of new business generated coming from client referrals.

Wirefr3 is proud to support a number of clients in the healthcare sector.  As everyone knows, the healthcare sector has been under extreme pressure over the past 18 months, so our customer service offering has been more important than ever.

Our delivery

One of our clients is a significant hospital in the Thames Valley area.  Communication is key when running a hospital, so maintaining a high performing two-way radio system is essential.  So how do we ensure that our partner has the systems and support that they require?

  • Regular service visits – Planned monthly visits with all stakeholders who are aware of the service visit dates.  Visibility, accountability and consistency are crucial.

The service visits will consist of:

  • Visiting each department that operates two-way radios
  • Deep clean of equipment include sanitisation
  • Onsite repair of equipment if required
  • Reprogramming of radios if required

The service visits also provide us to time to speak with each department.  This is vital to deepening our relationship as it allows us to understand how the radios are being used, any issues and future plans of the department and how we can assist in delivering their goals.

  • 24/7 on call – Having the ability to be nimble and provide customer support at any given time.  Department Heads have our direct telephone numbers, ensuring quick response times.
  • Planned maintenance of radio infrastructure – Ensuring the system is operating at its full potential and implementing any updates.
  • Formal reviews with the Facility Manager. This provides the client the opportunity to provide an overview of the hospitals plans and requirements and allows us to present new solutions within our field.

One vital component that we add to our customer service delivery is passion!  We are passionate about our business and the solutions that we provide and we love to see our clients flourish as a result.


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