Motorola wave ptx
Motorola WAVE PTX – Improving communication in Colleges
20th October 2021
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Warranty options for your Motorola WAVE PTX TLK100
3rd November 2021

Motorola Evolve is your essential travel companion


The Motorola Evolve is proving a huge success for individuals who want to remain connected and proactive when on the move.

The Evolve – a ruggedised smartphone – is built to withstand knocks and drops when on the move.  It has an IP68 rating meaning the device is submersible and dustproof (2m/2h).  With a 12 hour battery life cycle, it allows the user plenty of time to carry out the tasks in hand.

The Evolve provides seamless connectivity with 3G/4G and Wifi and has dual SIM capability.  The Motorola WAVE PTX APP is also available.  Once downloaded, you have a device that allows you to stay connected via phone or press-to-talk.

With its dual SIM capability, the individual can operate with a UK based SIM and or an international SIM.  With the android platform, access to  all the usual apps are available. This will include critical work apps that your business may use.

The Evolve is a communication game-changer. Allowing for smartphone use and press-to-talk use with all your apps and web access.

If you would like more information on the Evolve or Motorola WAVE PTX™ and would like to arrange a demonstration, please contact us on 01442 864867.

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