TLK100 – gets your team connected fast
5th January 2022
Motorola WAVE PTX – A special Christmas video
17th January 2022

TLK100 brings improved communication to schools


We are delighted to announce the roll-out of 30 TLK100’s for a school located in the south east.

The school had two key areas of focus.  Student/employee welfare and operational efficiencies.  After consideration, it was agreed that Motorola WAVE PTX™ would deliver in these areas.

Motorola Wave PTX™ is a network independent multimedia communication subscription service that instantly connects your team at a push of a button. The platform operates on a 3G/4G broadband basis.  It roams between 3G/4G and Wi-Fi, picking up the most effective signal.

Motorola WAVE PTX™ is a subscription based service allowing for easier budgeting.  With no infrastructure costs involved, simply chose your device and subscription.

The school itself is set in 15 acres of land where coverage of the entire site was required. Having completed a thorough survey, the TLK100 demonstrated full coverage.


When you need to communicate quickly and easily with school personnel, the TLK100 radio makes this happen.  Make individual or group calls at a touch of a button and securely link multiple teams across the site.  The radio itself is a robust radio that will withstand knocks and drops and has a IP54 rating.  The TLK100 is sleek in design with a small antenna, providing easy handling.  Battery life is important for users in educational facilities.  The TLK100 has up to 18 hours of battery life, seeing you through the day.  With its 3G/4G Europe-wide coverage, it also allows staff to stay connected with the school – either within the local area or further afield.

If you would like more information on Motorola WAVE PTX™ and would like to arrange a survey and demonstration, please contact us on 01442 864867.

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