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21st January 2022
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28th January 2022

Digital two-way radio upgrade for ASDA Brackmills


Wirefr3 are delighted to have completed a digital two-way radio upgrade for ASDA Brackmills Distribution Centre. The upgrade sees the team at Brackmills move away from an analogue two-way radio system.

The upgrade included new Mototrbo SL1600 digital portable radios and DM4400e digital mobile radios.  The SL1600 handheld two-way radios are utilised by the maintenance team.  The DM4400e digital mobile radios are positioned strategically across the Distribution Centre.  This will provide valuable communication across the team, delivering improved efficiencies.

The benefits of digital

The move to digital has several benefits.  The digital upgrade gives the team the following:

  • Clearer signal – Digital radios make your communications clearer by reducing unwanted background audio and focusing on the wanted speech.  Increased audio quality in poor coverage areas reduces the need to repeat information and improves efficiency.
  • Digital technology increases coverage by up to 20% over analogue radios.  Digital radios also correct errors in weaker transmissions and therefore fill in the gaps.  This increased coverage was witnessed in the original testing stage.  Coverage around the perimeter of the site was excellent where it was patchy at best with the analogue radios.
  • Better battery life. – Because they are more efficient, digital radios feature a longer battery life and require less frequent charging or battery change out.

If you have any questions about a digital two-way radio upgrade, please contact us on 01442 864867.


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