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6th May 2022
Mobile v TLK100 radio – video
13th May 2022


WAVE PTX™ provides coverage solution to security company

Wirefr3 has successfully provided a solution to a new client operating in the security sector.  Their main issue had been remaining in radio contact while operating over a wide area.  This would typically be mobile units on patrol, entering blackspots.

The security company has several mobile patrols who cover a 50 mile radius.  They had identified several black spots where they were unable to communicate with each other and back to base.  Over recent times, the team just accepted this situation and adapted their communication accordingly.  We put forward Motorola WAVE PTX™ as a solution and the company embarked on a weeks trial of the communication platform.  The mobile patrols utilised the TLK100 radios.  These were used to communicate across the mobile patrols and with base.  The patrols were able to confirm a 100% success rate of calls made and received – including previously identified blackspots.

TLK100 success

The TLK100 works over 3G/4G and operates with an embedded sim.  This gives access to all four of the UK network provider services.  The TLK100 will roam, connecting to the strongest available network.  This ensured that the mobile patrols were able to make successful calls – anywhere, anytime.

Following on from the successful trial, the security company opted for a tailored rental option.  Their business can now operate on a far more efficient basis, with quicker response times and no downtime.

If you would like to discuss Motorola WAVE PTX™ in more detail or would like to arrange a demonstration, please contact us on 01442 864867.

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