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16th September 2022
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Body worn camera
29th September 2022


Communication within the supply chain

Warehousing and logistics play a vital role within the supply chain process.  The successful management of supply chains is essential to any company hoping to compete.  A vital component to this supply chain management is communication.

Motorola WAVE PTX™ is proven to provide a professional and seamless communication platform.  Deploying the Motorola WAVE PTX™ platform within the warehousing and logistics sectors can yield a significant improvement in efficiency.


A warehouse environment is a noisy, busy place to work.  Success is built upon discipline, productivity, organisation and teamwork.  Having the right communication tool is vital.  The Motorola WAVE PTX™ TLK100 provides an easy to use, robust two-way radio with clear audio.  Operatives are not confined to site as the TLK100 comes with a European data roaming SIM installed, giving Europe wide coverage.

The successful logistics team deploy the Motorola WAVE PTX™ TLK150.  Each vehicle can be fitted quickly with the TLK150 providing the driver with Europe wide coverage and the ability to communicate safely with a push of a button.  Talk groups are created to allow communication back to depot or amongst fellow drivers.  The sharing of information between drivers is useful, allowing all parties to share information regarding the road network.

The management team utilise the Motorola WAVE PTX™ App.  The App is installed on their smartphones, allowing them to monitor and communicate with their respective teams.

All Motorola WAVE PTX™ users can talk to one another irrespective of device.  What is critical to the business is having a centralised communication point.  The Motorola WAVE PTX™ Dispatch provides this.  Log in from any PC and share messages with individuals or your team.  It will allow you to share a variety of media such as voice, text, photo, and video.  The PC Dispatcher also allows you to track your teams on a map and dispatch workers based on real time location.

If you would like to discuss Motorola WAVE PTX™ in more detail, please contact us on 01442 864867.

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