Body-worn camera
Body worn camera
29th September 2022
TLK100 demonstration from Greece video
10th October 2022


Motorola WAVE PTX support

Having a new radio system is exciting and it should make a positive impact to your business.  Once your two-way radios are programmed and live, the relationship doesn’t stop there with Wirefr3.

The Wirefr3 team look to build long term relationships with their clients.  These long term relationships include providing technical support 24/7.

WAVE PTX technical support

Motorola WAVE PTX support is made easy in the way Motorola WAVE PTX is configured.  All updates, configuration and alterations can be made over the air.  This is carried out by ourselves at our HO meaning no lengthy site visits.  With adjustments carried out in seconds, radio downtime is kept to a minimum.  We also have direct links to Motorola for additional support if required.  We can also monitor call traffic and ensure that calls are being successfully made and received.

Motorola WAVE PTX is an exceptional communication service that allows teams connect at a push of button – anywhere in the UK and Europe.  Enjoy the service and have the comfort that we are in the background is you ever need us.

To discuss Motorola WAVE PTX, please contact us on 01442 864867.

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