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WAVE PTX – For fast pace business
2nd November 2022
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Two-way radio battery care

Looking after your two-way radio battery will ensure greater longevity for your battery and ultimately save you money.  Motorola have produced a guide (see below) on new battery use, storage and care.



  • Store a battery with flammable materials.
  • Disassemble, crush, puncture, shred, or otherwise change the form of your battery.
  • Discard your battery in a fire.
  • Dry a wet battery with an appliance or heat source, such as a hair dryer or microwave oven. If the radio battery contacts get wet, ensure that you dry the battery contacts before connecting the battery to the radio.



  • Store batteries in a well ventilated, temperature (68°F/20°C to 86°F/30°C) and humidity (30%-60%) controlled environment.
  • Use the battery in accordance with its water and dust Ingress Protection (IP) rating.
  • Exercise care in handling any charged battery, particularly when placing it inside a pocket, purse, or other container with metal objects such as jewelry, keys or coins.
  • Monthly inspect all battery contacts for dirt, grime and dust. Clean the contacts using a microfiber cloth or a lint free cloth. Reapply DeoxIT Gold on the radio side contacts using DeoxIT pen PN# G100P.



  • Charge battery within 1 month of receipt.
  • Always charge your battery using the approved Motorola charger. Charging in non-Motorola chargers may lead to reduced performance and battery damage.



  • A new IMPRES battery must be initialized / calibrated by the IMPRES charger for full IMPRES functionality.  The IMPRES charger will automatically detect the new IMPRES battery and automatically start the initialization / calibration process.
  • IMPRES chargers will automatically re-calibrate / recondition an IMPRES battery periodically and users should not bypass this process.
  • IMPRES Vehicular Chargers CANNOT re-calibrate / recondition IMPRES batteries, only IMPRES desktop chargers can perform re-calibration / reconditioning.  A new IMPRES battery must be initialized / calibrated in an IMPRES desktop charger and subsequent reconditionings / recalibrations needs to be performed in an IMPRES desktop charger.



  • Charge new a battery that will be stored to greater than 50% (but less than 100%) state of charge within 1 month of receipt.  Recharge a battery every 9 months to greater than 50% state of charge.
  • Charge batteries removed from service for storage to greater than 50% state of charge. Every 9 months, a battery must be recharged to greater than 50% state of charge.
  • Do not store a battery attached to a radio or host device. This will reduce current drain on the battery.

Note: A battery removed from storage may take several cycles to achieve its optimal capacity.  One or two reconditioning cycles will accelerate capacity recovery.



A Motorola Solutions battery contain materials that you can recycle.  Do not discard a battery into a fire.


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