Kirisun DP405 at SEACON
Kirisun DP045 docks at SEACON
9th December 2022
TLK100 -predictable costs
TLK100 – Predictable costs
20th December 2022


WAVE PTX – Business ready

Keeping team members connected across a facility, worksite, or even across the country is critical to today’s businesses. Yet, with so many different devices and networks, ensuring connectivity is becoming increasingly difficult.

In a recent Motorola Solutions survey, over 90% of workers said the following.  It would be valuable if they could seamlessly communicate across any type of device. This is important because, as the same survey found, almost all workers are using more than one device on the job, switching throughout the day to the tools best suited for a specific task. That may include traditional two-way mobile radios, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more.

Add the need for local and area wide communication.  Companies are left relying on a growing mix of Wi-Fi, two-way radio networks, and multiple mobile phone networks across the country. This mix of devices and networks slows communications, making it more complex to communicate essential information across an organisation.

Motorola WAVE PTX is the answer? An integrated communications solution that allows all workers to connect at the pace of today’s business expectations.  Across any device, from any location, instantly.  Motorola WAVE PTX – Business ready.

If you would like more information on Motorola WAVE PTX™, or would like to arrange a demonstration, please contact us on 01442 864867.


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