WAVE PTX assists hybrid working
WAVE PTX™ assists hybrid working
12th January 2023
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WAVE PTX™ OnCloud Portal
24th January 2023



Kirisun DP480 site survey

Team Wirefr3 have been out on the road this week.  Having completed several service visits, we were invited to a large food production facility to discuss two-way radio systems.  At this facility, we undertook a Kirisun DP480 site survey.

So, why did we lead with the Kirisun DP480?  Our prospective client wanted a radio system that would provide them with the following features:

– Provide full coverage of the site.

– Work within their budget.

– Work in analogue and digital mode.

– Has Man Down and emergency functions.

– Multi-channel

– Can withstand a factory environment

We know that the Kirisun DP480 radio ticks all these boxes.  With its lone worker / Man Down functionality and emergency button, the DP480 is a great radio for factories.  The radio is also able to work in analogue and digital mode and has an IP54 rating.  The Kirisun DP480 is packed with many great functions yet not at huge price!  Most businesses should find that the Kirisun DP480 works with most budgets.

We had the right radio and now needed to ensure coverage was at an acceptable level.  With the nature of the building and with back to back testing completed, a signal boost was required.  A Kirisun DR600 was deployed.  Subsequent testing showed that the DR600 delivered the coverage that we were looking for.

If you would like more information on the Kirisun DP480 or if you would like to arrange a demonstration, please contact us on 01442 864867.


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