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Motorola R7 – Manufacturing


Communication is crucial in any manufacturing environment as it directly impacts productivity and safety. Recognising this need, Motorola has developed the R7 two-way radio.  A communication device designed specifically for manufacturing businesses. This feature aims to highlight the various ways in which the Motorola R7 two-way radio can benefit manufacturing companies.

  • Instant and Reliable Communication:

The Motorola R7 two-way radio provides manufacturing companies with instant and reliable communication, providing quick decision-making and improving overall efficiency.  Whether it’s managing movements between different production lines, providing real-time updates to teams across different areas, or quickly addressing safety concerns, the R7 offers seamless communication.

  • Enhanced Safety Measures:

Safety is a top priority in manufacturing, and the Motorola R7 two-way radio helps companies ensure a safer workplace. The R7 allows workers to report any hazards or emergencies instantly.  This enables supervisors and safety personnel to respond promptly. Moreover, with features like built-in safety sensors, including man-down alerts and emergency buttons, workers can easily signal for help during critical situations, reducing response time and potentially preventing accidents or injuries.

  • Improved Productivity and Coordination:

Efficient internal communication within a manufacturing company is essential for maintaining smooth workflows and meeting production targets. The R7 radio allows instant communication among team members, supervisors, and managers, removing delays caused by searching for colleagues or relying on slower communication methods. This improved coordination leads to increased productivity, reduced downtime, and minimises errors in workflows.

  • Customisable Applications:

The Motorola R7 radio offers customisable applications, allowing manufacturing companies to tailor the communication system to their specific needs. With these applications, managers can track inventories, streamline workflows, and monitor performance metrics, all from a single device. By integrating these features, the R7 simplifies processes, boosts efficiency, and provides valuable data insights, contributing to a more streamlined manufacturing operation.


The Motorola R7 has become an important tool for manufacturing companies, revolutionising their communication. With instant and reliable communication, enhanced safety measures, and improving overall productivity, the R7 is a worthy investment for modern manufacturers.


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