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WAVE PTX – Large Offices

WAVE PTX – Large Offices – an innovative communication solution

WAVE PTX TLK110 – Housekeeping

TLK110 – making a difference to housekeeping teams

Two-way radios – Religious Institutions

Two-way radios – enhancing safety, security and organisation

WAVE PTX – Outdoor Sporting Events

WAVE PTX – Seamless communication for large outdoor sporting events

DP3441e two-way radios deployed at RBH

DP3441e two-way radio helping to enhance patient care

TLK100 – Field Sales Teams

TLK100 radio – driving success for field sales teams

Motorola R2 – Hotels

How the Motorola R2 can benefit the running of a hotel

Two-way radios – Waste Management Centres

How do two-way radios benefit Waste Management Centres

Kirisun DP480 – Value for Businesses

Kirisun DP480 – Great value, great comms to great businesses

Two-way radios – Hospital Porters

Two-way radios play a vital role in supporting hospital porters

Two-way radios – Distribution Centres

A vital communication tool for a vital sector

RSPCA – digital two-way radios

Moving to a digital two-way radio solution

WAVE PTX Dispatcher – Logistics

Improving operational efficiency with the PC Dispatcher

Who uses two-way radios

Two-way radios – key sector users

Motorola SL2600

A quality radio for quality businesses

Two-way radios – Leisure sector

Making a difference in the Leisure sector

Purchasing professional two-way radios

Two-way radios – making an informed decision

Two-way radios – Crowd Management

Two-way radios – ensuring safety and organisation

Motorola R2 – RSPCA Ashley Heath

RSPCA Ashley Heath adopts the Motorola R2

Two-way radios – Theatres

Enhancing communication efficiency in theatres

Two-way radios – airports

The importance of two-way radios for airport authorities

Two-way radios – warehouses

Two-way radios have revolutionised communication within warehouses

Kirisun DP405 two-way radio – overview

The Kirisun DP405 radio rises to the occasion

TLK100 – Location and Tracking features

The TLK100 – built with innovative location and tracking features

Two-way radios – Arenas

Enhancing efficiency and safety within arenas and stadiums

How two-way radios benefit hospitals

Delivering better healthcare operations with two-way radios

Motorola R2 – Effective communication

Making business operations smooth – The Motorola R2

Motorola R7 – Manufacturing

The R7 – enhancing communication for manufacturing companies

WAVE PTX – Facility Management

How can a communication platform improve FM companies – discover more….

How two-way radios benefit hotels

Communication is key when running a hotel!

Two-way radios – Event critical

Two-way radios are essential communication tools for event management companies.

Motorola R2 has arrived!

A two-way radio that will deliver for so many

WAVE PTX – city sightseeing

Operational efficiencies and better customer experience with the WAVE PTX service

TLK100 – travel sector

The TLK100 provides vital comms for travel sector clients home and abroad

WAVE PTX – Europe-wide communication

Radio comms coverage across the UK and Europe!

DP405 deployed in Oxfordshire schools

The Kirisun DP405 provides essential comms to the education sector

WAVE PTX – A success story

The changing face of two-way radio

TLK100 – Construction projects

Keeping key stakeholders connected to deliver projects on time

Motorola R7 deployed at RBH

The Motorola R7 along with the TLK100 have been deployed at Royal Berkshire Hospital

Kirisun DP405 delivers again

The Kirisun DP405 radio, now a long term fixture at ULH

TLK110 – feature packed for business

TLK110 – H&S features, clear audio and coverage across the UK AND Europe!!

TLK110 – device management made simple

TLK110 its as easy as ABC

TLK110 – Don’t curb your communications

The TLK110 delivers a variety of voice features that will enhance any communication

TLK110 – workplace safety enhancement

Having H&S functionality at the forefront of its design

Motorola TLK110

It’s arrived – discover more about the Motorola TLK110….

WAVE PTX™ – arrange your trial

Trial the Motorola WAVE PTX™ communication platform

WAVE PTX™ OnCloud Portal

No downtime, no cables no delays – manage your fleet over the air!

Kirisun DP480 site survey

The Kirisun DP480 is put through its paces….

WAVE PTX™ assists hybrid working

WAVE PTX™ – making hybrid working more efficient

WAVE PTX – Who and Why?

Who is using Motorola WAVE PTX™ and why?

TLK100 – Predictable costs

TLK100 – clarity in communication and cost!

WAVE PTX – Business ready

A communication platform that business wants and needs

Kirisun DP045 docks at SEACON

The Kirisun DP405 is providing valuable comms to SEACON

TLK100 – Effortless two-way radio

A simple radio that delivers so much..

WAVE PTX Demonstrations available

Contact the team at Wirefr3 to book your Motorola WAVE PTX demonstration

WAVE PTX – connecting workforces

Communication solutions for a dispersed workforce

Two-way radio battery care

Look after your two-way radio battery – find out how….

WAVE PTX – For fast pace business

Win the race with Motorola WAVE PTX™

WAVE PTX – Events

Running a professional event this winter? WAVE PTX offers a great communication solution…

Two-way radios at Highclere Castle

Wirefr3 have completed the digital two-way radio upgrade for Highclere Castle

Motorola R7 two-way radio

The new MOTOTRBO R7 comes to major London hotel

Motorola WAVE PTX support

On hand 24/7 – its the Wirefr3 way!!

Body worn camera

Meet the PR7 mini body worn camera

WAVE PTX™ – Warehousing & Logistics

Take your communication system to a new level….

Kirisun DP405 at the AO Arena

The Kirisun DP405 is providing valuable radio comms at the AO Arena, Manchester

Two-way radio customer service

Customer Service – the Wirefr3 way…

Two-way radio benefits

There are many reasons why businesses utilise two-way radios……

Two-way radios at RSPCA

Two-way radio service visit at RSPCA, Gonsal Farm

TLK100 – built for business

The new way businesses communicate….

Two-way radio solution – college

New Kirisun two-way radio solution goes in at Moulton College

WAVE PTX™ provides coverage solution

Keeping team members connected across a wide area

Introducing the Kirisun DP480 and DP485 radios

Additions to the Kirisun value range

TLK Series radios – SIM Free

SIM free options now available…

Motorola R7

It’s arrived – discover more about the Motorola R7 Series radios

Wirefr3 Kirisun case deployed

Two-way radio solutions from Wirefr3

SL1600 brings teams together

The SL1600 facilitates effective building management

Two-way radio – service and maintenance

Keep your two-way radios operating at optimum levels

Kirisun DP405 stars at ULH

DP405 delivers again…

Kirisun DP405 favoured again with schools

DP405 providing great value radio communications

TLK100 & TLK150 available and ready for deployment

TLK100 and TLK150 in stock…

Motorola MOTOTRBO R7 two-way radio

Coming soon in Q1 2022

TLK100 lands at One Hundred Shoreditch Hotel

TLK100 dazzles hotel staff!!

Digital two-way radio upgrade for ASDA Brackmills

Moving from analogue to digital makes huge communication improvements

SL1600 comes to RSPCA Leybourne

Mototrbo SL1600 digital radio improves communication at RSPCA Leybourne.

TLK100 brings improved communication to schools

A top tier communication solution – Motorola WAVE PTX™ TLK100

TLK100 – gets your team connected fast

TLK100 – keeping the team connected

TLK100 within the NHS

The TLK100 brings together key personnel….

WAVE PTX™ – The Benefits

A snapshot of the benefits of Motorola WAVE PTX™

Motorola WAVE PTX™ – Site Survey

A closer look at site surveys

Motorola WAVE PTX™ – Communication for plant and crane hire businesses

Bringing improved efficiency and supporting health and safety procedure

TLK100 provides vital comms to London Hospital

Discover more about the TLK100 and the positive impact it has made…

Mototrbo SL1600 – instant communication for London hotel

The Mototrbo SL1600 is a great fit for hotels…..

Warranty options for your Motorola WAVE PTX TLK100

Find out more about the options to protect your TLK100

Motorola Evolve is your essential travel companion

Discover how the Evolve keeps you connected when on the move

Motorola WAVE PTX – Improving communication in Colleges

Operating a college has just got that little bit easier…

TLK100 improves communication for Motrans Ltd

Find out how the TLK100 improves efficiency for our new client in the haulage sector

Wirefr3 welcomes Tristan Griffin to the team

Meet our new Digital Sales Executive….

Endura 12-way chargers – New from Wirefr3!

Have the ability to charger 12 radios at one time

TLK Series Radios keep communication simple and quick

Modifications are easy – without the need to touch a device

Motorola WAVE PTX™ – Deployment Options

Cloud-based or on-premises…

RugGear RG725 – A ruggedised smartphone

Discover more about the RugGear RG725….

WAVE PTX™ – communication for grounds maintenance

Motorola WAVE PTX i- improving efficiencies for grounds maintenance teams

Wirefr3 provides two-way radios to Caribbean Premier League

Mototrbo SL1600 to feature in this years Caribbean Premier League

Motorola Mototrbo DP1400 – Arrives on site

The Mototrbo DP1400 is providing comms support for one of our construction clients

Motorola WAVE PTX™ impressing in the Security Sector

Discover what Motorola WAVE PTX is doing for security

Motorola digital upgrade begins at Country Estate

SL1600 arriving at Country Estate

Lone Worker – A Health and Safety Solution

Wirefr3 provides Stonor Estate with Lone Worker

The importance of Customer Service Delivery

Delivering customer service to our healthcare partners

DM4600e enhancing Signature Flight Support fleet

Refuelling fleet now has improved communications via the DM4600e

WAVE PTX – Elite Forces and Security Training Facilities

WAVE PTX has become a valuable communications tool for training facilitators

TLK100 handsets increase at Medirest

The TLK100 is proving a success and is in demand…

Motorola Wave PTX – Connecting Hospitals

A new era in hospital communication – Motorola WAVE PTX

Motorola Wave PTX – Enhancing Facilities Management

Successful FM companies are utilising Motorola Wave PTX

Site survey with the Motorola Wave PTX TLK 100

Understanding the importance of a site survey

Motorola Evolve – the ideal companion for Wave PTX

Motorola Evolve – the rugged mobile phone designed to operate with Wave PTX

Motorola WAVE PTX – Professional Sports Clubs

Motorola WAVE PTX is providing premier communications to professional sports clubs

Mototrbo Capacity Plus two-way radio system

A further long term contract award confirmed

Two-way radio system contract renewal confirmed

Contract renewal awarded – based on service!

Motorola Wave PTX TLK100 to go live in major London hotel

Exciting new contract award – click to discover more..

Company vehicle fleet moves to hybrid

Wirefr3 continues their “green” commitment with a move to hybrid vehicles

Motorola Wave PTX Certification Awarded

Proudly awarded the WAVE Technical Professional Certification

Two-way radio solutions for multisites

See how Motorola Wave PTX can improve the running of a multisite operation

Motorola Wave PTX offers a solution in congested areas

WAVE PTX offers a solution when you are limited on spectrum availability

Two-way radio – Essential Phrases for improved communication

Discover the most common two-way radio phrases to make your communication more effective

Mototrbo digital two-way radios arrive at RSPCA West Hatch

Wirefr3 are delighted to be supporting our friends at the RSPCA West Hatch

Digital two-way radio solution deployed at ASDA Didcot ADC

Kirisun DP405 digital two-way radio deployed and improving operations

Two-way radios – Frequently Asked Questions

All your two-way radio questions answered

Mototrbo digital two-way radios arrive at Stonor Park

Wirefr3 are delighted to be partnering with Stonor Park with their Mototrbo digital two-way radios upgrade.

Digital Two-way radios arrive at Rickmansworth School

Wirefr3 are delighted to be providing Rickmansworth School with their new digital two-way radios

Radio Talk – Utilise The Phonetic Alphabet

Talk with clarity and confidence on your two-way radio by using the phonetic alphabet

Wirefr3 has been awarded Alcumus SafeContractor accreditation

Wirefr3 has been awarded accreditation from Alcumus SafeContractor for achieving excellence in health and safety in the workplace.

Wirefr3 supply Kirisun DP405 digital radios to Lane End Conference Centre

Wirefr3 are delighted to have been chosen by Lane End Conference Centre to supply Kirisun DP405 digital radios.

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