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10th October 2016
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6th October 2016

3M Peltor Blue-Line ATEX Headsets


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3M Peltor Blue-Line is a series of intrinsically safe products designed for extreme environments.

Developed in close collaboration with demanding users, these products have undergone rigorous testing in harsh environments.

The results prove that we can meet the demands and make communication easier and more reliable despite external factors.

The 3M Peltor Blue-Line series is approved under the ATEX / IECEX directive and is also in compliance with the hearing standard EN352.

  • Headband with individually sprung stainless steel wires for an even distribution of pressure around the ears.
  • Two-point fasteners for flexible, continuous height adjustment.
  • Dynamic lip microphone that suppresses ambient noise.
  • Microphone arm with fast and easy adjustment of distance, length, height and angle.
  • Optimal acoustically designed high-attenuating shells that provide even more space for the ears.
  • Broad ear cushions filled with fluid and foam provide a good seal and low pressure.
  • The cushions are easy to replace.
3M™ Peltor™ Blue-Line Adaptor

3m peltor atex adpator
The adapter has a standard 3M Peltor J11 chassi jack. This lets you use 3M Peltor’s wide standard range of headsets without any further adaptations. Just plug in and start talking. The outgoing wire has a contact for a communication radio or telephone. Contacts are available for most modern communication radio and Tetra systems on the market.

  • The adapter is built into a functional, watertight, sturdy shell with no protruding parts and is designed to fit the size and shape of a hand.
  • Special plastic for not generating sparks
  • The cord reinforcement and chassis jack have been tested to withstand being plugged in, unplugged and bent at least 100,000 times.

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We stock a comprehensive range of genuine OEM accessory products, along with a range of high quality unbranded accessory products.

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