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10th October 2016
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3M Peltor Tactical Headsets


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The 3M Peltor Tactical Range protects you from harmful noise and impulse sounds, while allowing and even amplifying ambient sounds such as conversation, machine noises and warning signals.

The built-in functions of the range make it quite different from other active hearing protectors: The user can control and vary the volume function for the current situation. Where necessary, ambient noise can be amplified more than any other 3M Peltor hearing protector allows.

The Tactical XP lets you hear what you want to hear and block out all harmful noise.

  • Volume
  • Balance – especially useful if the user has a hearing impairment in one ear
  • Adjustable shut-off time for the active volume function to return to normal
  • Equalizer that allows the user to filter ambient noise and amplify or attenuate the noise at a given level
  • Volume control on the external input, allowing the user to turn up the sound on incoming signals from 82 dB to 87 dB for brief periods
  • Adjustment of the internal input level, making it easier to connect various types of communication equipment, such as a radio, DECT or mobile phone
  • Failsafe function allows communication even if the batteries die
  • Automatic shut-off after two hours of no active functions

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