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28th January 2022
Motorola WAVE PTX APP video
4th February 2022


TLK100 lands at One Hundred Shoreditch Hotel

We are delighted to be providing One Hundred Shoreditch Hotel with a significant fleet of TLK100 radios.  The new Motorola WAVE PTX™ TLK100 radio system will provide communication across the various hotel departments.  One Hundred Shoreditch has been revamped and will be ready to open February / March 2022.

Significant testing of the TLK100 radios took place, along side conventional two-way radios.  Excellent coverage was witnessed across the entire hotel when testing the TLK100.   With full coverage satisfied, what were the main attractions for the TLK100?:

  • Over the air device management – completed within seconds
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for extra resilience
  • Private and group push-to-talk
  • Modern technology
  • Loud and clear audio
  • Robust design
  • Wide area coverage allowing staff to communicate across different sites and locations

In addition to the TLK100 radios,  a number of APPS will also be utilised.  The APP will provide users the ability to turn their smartphone into a two-way radio.  Users will get the speed and simplicity of push-to-talk communication with the ability to share multimedia information at a touch of a button.

We are hugely excited to be supporting One hundred Shoreditch with their launch and look forward to supporting them over the coming months and beyond.


Motorola Wave PTX™ is a network independent multimedia communication subscription service thats instantly connects your team at a push of a button. The platform operates on a 3G/4G broadband basis.  It roams between 3G/4G and WIFI, picking up the most effective signal.

With Motorola WAVE PTX™ being a subscription based service, it allows for easier budgeting.  With no infrastructure costs involved, you simply chose your device and subscription.

If you would like more information on Motorola WAVE PTX™ or would like to arrange a demonstration, please contact us on 01442 864867.



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