Motorola WAVE PTX™ Push-To-Talk

Connect your team with greater speed and efficiency using Motorola WAVE PTX push-to-talk (PTT).  A service that has no boundaries.

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What is Motorola WAVE PTX™?

Motorola WAVE PTX Push-To-Talk is a subscription-based group communication service that instantly connects your team across different devices, networks, and locations.

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Instant communication
Get the speed and simplicity of professional radio PTT communication with the ability to share details via text, photo, video or file attachment.

Europe-wide service
Connect your professional radio system to WAVE PTX™ and reach more team members over a wider service area.

Predictable costs
No usage-based call charges mean costs are fixed, making it easy to manage your budget.

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Motorola WAVE PTX™ TLK 100 Two-Way Radio

Get the benefit of WAVE PTX with a rugged two-way radio on a Europe-wide network.

Europe-wide push-to-talk
Increase productivity in-country and cross-border with a Europe-wide push-to-talk comms network.

Easy to use and manage
Simple user controls make communication instant and managing calls easy.

Built for the job
Get the job done with a two-way radio designed for clear audio and location tracking in a rugged, compact form factor.

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Motorola WAVE PTX™ TLK 110 Two-Way Radio

A device designed for you and built to last

The TLK 110 combines the flexibility of push-to-talk communication via broadband with the reliability of a rugged, purpose-built radio.

With its effortless device management capabilities, the TLK 110 can be optimised for seamless operations, leaving your business safer, smarter and better connected.

In-country and cross-border PTT via broadband
Wi-Fi calling over 2.4 and 5 GHz networks
Communicate wherever your network takes you
Intelligent VOX PTT
AI-backed noise suppression

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Motorola TLK 150 WAVE PTX™ RADIO

Quickly deploy in your vehicle fleet. Combine broadband coverage coverage with the ease of two-way radio communications

Get your team up and running quickly. Combine the wide-area coverage of a broadband network with the ease of push-to-talk radio communications.

Safely operate while driving with one button push-to-talk. Manage talk groups and subscriptions in real time. Increase coverage, connections, and productivity without expanding infrastructure.

There’s no costly or time-consuming spectrum licensing, or manual programming required.

Private and group push-to-talk
Over-the-air device management
4G LTE, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity
GPS location tracking
Real-time presence
12V/24V dual voltage support

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Motorola WAVE PTX™ Mobile App

Turn your phone into a PTT handset and get instant communication at the touch of a button.

Instant PTT communication
Get the speed and simplicity of professional radio communication on your existing phone or tablet.

Multimedia messaging
Increase the speed and clarity of information via text, photo, video or file attachment.

Location and mapping
Track your team on a map, share your location, find an address or set a meeting place.

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Wave App
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Motorola WAVE PTX™ Dispatcher

Centralise communication anywhere.

Web-based dispatching
Login from any PC and get the latest features with no software to install or maintain.

Multimedia communication
Share details with an individual or your entire team via text, photo, video or file attachment.

Location and mapping
Track your mobile teams on a map and efficiently dispatch workers based on real-time location.

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