On tour with the TLK100 video
22nd April 2022
TLK Series radios – SIM free video
29th April 2022


TLK Series radios – SIM Free

The TLK100 and TLK150 Motorola WAVE PTX™ radios combine the wide-area coverage of a 3G/4G broadband network with the ease of push-to-talk radio communication.  This allows the user to have two-way radio communication across the UK and Europe.  Up to this point, the TLK Series radios have been supplied with pre-installed SIM and data service.  This included as part of the Motorola WAVE PTX™ subscription.  Now, new SIM-free models are available. These models allow you to add your own SIM and to select a data plan to meet your needs.

The pre-installed SIM TLK Series radios are only available in the EU, EFTA and UK.  With the ability now to install your own SIM, it generates the possibilities to provide the benefits of Motorola WAVE PTX TLK radios across an even wider country area.

If you would like to discuss TLK Series radios – SIM free in more detail, contact Wirefr3 on 01442 864867

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