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25th August 2022
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Two-way radio benefits 

There are many two-way radio benefits and reasons why businesses decide to use them.  In this article, we will look to provide a summary of some of these benefits which should help you in your decision making process.

  • Service in emergency situations – mobile phones or landlines can fail in emergency or disaster situations.  With two-way radios, they will continue to work in such situations.  In addition, you will be able to communicate with your entire team to give instructions and not have to make individual calls.
  • Communication clarity –  digital radios are built to provide clear communication with no interference.  They can also come with features to reduce external noise so you can concentrate on the message.
  • Robust and hard-wearing – commercial and business radios are designed to last.  Most will withstand knocks and drops over a period of time where a mobile phone will often break after a drop.  Typical battery life will also be 12-18 hours.
  • Focuses on the job in hand – two-way radios bring efficiency with no screen distractions or social media on the device.  A two-way radio is simple to use with a push of a button to communicate.  Your message will get instantly delivered and acted upon!

If you would like to discuss two-way radios in more detail then please contact us on 01442 864867.

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