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11th November 2022
WAVE PTX – One communication solution video
18th November 2022



WAVE PTX – connecting workforces

Wirefr3 Radio Communication Ltd has completed many site surveys this year.   One of the site surveys was particularly interesting with their business operating over 4 different locations, within a 20-mile radius.  Their brief was simple – they wanted push-to-talk communication that allows the sites to talk to each other, either making one-to-one calls or designated group calls.  They had a limited budget and funds were not available for any significant investment in additional radio infrastructure.   They operated a fast pace business and flexibility and the ability to modify the radio set up quickly would be beneficial.

Having completed a thorough survey, we were able to provide them with their solution – Motorola WAVE PTX™

Why Motorola WAVE PTX™ ?

  • The WAVE PTX™ platform provides wide-area coverage through 3G/4G and WIFI connectivity.
  • The radio – TLK100 – allows the client to make either individual or group push-to-talk calls.
  • All modifications to talk groups and contacts are delivered over the air and updated within seconds.

If your business operates over multiple locations, Motorola WAVE PTX™ can really make a difference.  WAVE PTX – connecting workforces.

If you would like more information on Motorola WAVE PTX™ or would like a demonstration , please contact us on 01442 864867.



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