Motorola TLK110
Motorola TLK110
7th February 2023
TLK110 launch video
13th February 2023



TLK110 – workplace safety enhancement with a specific emergency button that can provide instant access to help and is easy to reach when needed.

The TLK110 has safety in the forefront of its functionality with Man Down and Lone Worker functions.  These functions are to identify emergency incidents and protect your staff. How does it work?  If the user doesn’t respond to prompts, or a radio’s orientation and movement signifies an emergency, the TLK110 will notify preselected contacts. This may be a supervisor, IT manager or dispatcher.

Lone Worker and Man Down do not require users to press buttons or place calls during an emergency, expanding safety measures beyond the actions of workers.  With these emergency functions, your device will be ready for any incidents that put your staff at risk.

Further employee safety features include the TLK110’s housing.  Motorola have built the radio with antimicrobial properties.  These properties reduce the spread of bacteria and reduce material degradation from cleaning.

TLK110 – selected features:

Emergency calling

Dedicated emergency button

Man Down / Fall Alert

Lone Worker

18-hour battery life

Ergonomically designed

2-line monochrome display

IP67 rating

Antimicrobial housing


If you would like to discuss the TLK110 radio, then please contact us on 01442 864867



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