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    Zonith specialise in alarm handling and notification solutions, solving tasks at all levels of complexity, ranging from simple notification solutions to large alarm handling systems, working with medias such as; MOTOTRBO, TETRA, SDS, GSM, SMS, Wi-Fi and email.


    zonith acs

    ZONITH Alarm Control System dispatches alarms from any alarm source to your digital radio, mobile phone, Wi-Fi phone, pager and/or email account. Making businesses significantly more efficient and providing a safe workplace through automatic, intelligent dispatch of alarms and tasks. ZONITH Alarm Control System picks up alarms from any alarm source. This could be as simple as duress alarm in a handset or as complex as a SCADA PLC system, often used in manufacturing facilities, oil refineries and complex infrastructure to monitor hundreds and sometimes thousands of alarms, ensuring pressures, levels, temperatures etc are maintained. It pairs the alarm with the right on-duty employee through the intelligent scheduler, ensuring that problems get handled at the right time by the right person, creating a More Efficient, Safer Workplace.


    The ZONITH Windows Alarm Pop-Up allows the immediate mass-notification of alarms on any LAN connected PC on or off-site. The alarm notification will pop-up on the PC screen automatically, overriding any other document or task being worked on at the time the alarm is raised. This module connects to the Alarm Control System (ACS), receiving alarms from fire panels, building management systems, evacuation systems, etc.

    zonith alarm popup

    The purpose of this module is to notify employees of an alarm immediately and efficiently. It can be used in the case of one security guard working in a control room receiving intruder alerts, or hundreds of PC’s on a University campus receiving evacuation procedures. The alarm criticality can be defined in the Zonith ACS, so only certain high priority alarms are dispatched via this module.

    Colours, fonts and logos are fully configurable to suit the end-user, and the graphical display is easy to use and understand. Typical industries suited to this product are education, healthcare and psychiatry, correctional facilities, municipalities, etc.

    Zonith Windows Pop-Up Features:

    • Multiple PC’s
    • Easy alarm notification
    • Fully configurable
    • Mass notifications
    • Simple display
    • Easy to install
    • Runs in background
    • Only pops-up when alarm raised

    zonith indoor positioning

    ZONITH Indoor Positioning System can locate and track people indoors, increasing staff safety and efficiency. People in distress can press their panic button and a text message with location information will reach the response team instantly. This is the perfect lone worker protection tool. Small, discretely designed ZONITH Bluetooth Positioning Beacons create a detection zone. The Beacons are connected to the ZONITH Alarm Control System software through a standard LAN network. The ZONITH Bluetooth Positioning Beacons detect employee positioning via any kind of Bluetooth unit (including radios, mobile phones, head sets and tags). Mototora MOTOTRBO and TETRA are fully supported.

    Zonith RTLS – Real Time Location System

    Zonith’s Real Time Location System (or RTLS) is a software solution which uses standard wireless Bluetooth technology to determine positions inside buildings, and standard GPS technology to determine the position when outside of buildings. By combining these two technologies into one solution, the staff can be safeguarded no matter where they are as the system will know where to locate the staff in a distress situation.


    Safeguarding staff and visitors with the Zonith Bluetooth panic alarm and positioning badge.

    For almost two decades ZONITH has provided solutions to safeguard people by providing accurate positioning information via Bluetooth. This system allows staff and visitors to be located indoors through a range of Bluetooth enabled devices. For discrete positioning and panic alerting ZONITH’s Bluetooth ID Badge can be used. The badge functions as a regular ID badge, however the built-in Bluetooth unit and panic button on the back takes staff safety to the next level.


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