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Two-way radio – Essential Phrases for improved communication
17th March 2021
two-way radio - multisite
Two-way radio solutions for multisites
1st April 2021

Motorola Wave PTX offers a solution in congested areas


When you are looking to implement a new, professional two-way radio system, one of the areas that you will need to consider is applying for a two-way radio licence.  This application is administered via Ofcom.  When applying for a Technically Assigned licence within a congested area, you may find the availability is limited, or even worse, not available at all!  If presented with this situation, you do have an alternative – Motorola Wave PTX.

Motorola Wave PTX is a subscription-based group communication service that instantly connects your team across different devices, networks, and locations. This is without the need of an OFCOM licence.

  • No costly two-way radio infrastructure.
  • No time consuming licensing applications.
  • Rapid deployment, no delays.

Combine the broad coverage of a Europe-wide 3G/4G network with the ease of two-way radio communications. The  TLK100 & TLK150 radios will automatically switch to the strongest network available to ensure reliable communications and will seamlessly roam as the user moves between areas. Add your broadband network to the radio, and the radios will move seamlessly between 3G/4G and WiFi, to provide you with the optimum signal.

In summary, there is no need now to abort plans for a new two-way radio system if you are struggling with getting the licence that you want.  WAVE PTX requires no licence and will allow your teams to communicate in the most efficient way possible.


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