Motorola Wave PTX – Enhancing Facilities Management
27th May 2021
TLK100 handsets increase at Medirest
8th June 2021


Communication within a hospital is vital if it is to operate effectively and efficiently.  Motorola WAVE PTX brings together key personnel, allowing them to communicate effectively for the benefit of their patients.

Motorola WAVE PTX offers a variety of devices across its platform.  This allows each department to choose the most appropriate communication tool for them.


An easy to use, rugged two-way radio that can withstand everyday knocks and drops is favoured by medical staff, porters and security.  The TLK100 has a sleek design and is lightweight so is easy to handle.  With Europe-wide 3G/4G network coverage and Wi-Fi connectivity, the need for costly two-way radio infrastructure is in the past.  The radio will seamlessly roam between networks, picking the strongest signal and allowing you to communicate.


Senior roles within the hospital may find that they do not require a radio but would still like to keep in touch with what is going on on the ground.  The APP allows the individual to turn their smartphone into a two-way radio.   Instant PTT communication, multimedia messaging and location and mapping services are all available and ensures that they remain part of the conversation.

Dispatch Console

Typically used by the Security or Porter teams, WAVE PTX Dispatch streamlines workflows and improves team productivity.  By logging on to any PC, Dispatch gives the teams the communication tools to effectively manage and rapidly respond to incidents and requests. The Dispatcher can monitor multiple talk-groups; make group or individual calls; share text, video and photo files; use the location and mapping function to manage and locate team members and set up a geofence .


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