Motorola wave ptx hospitals
Motorola Wave PTX – Connecting Hospitals
1st June 2021
elite forces and security wave ptx
WAVE PTX – Elite Forces and Security Training Facilities
17th June 2021


We continue to build on our strong relationship with Medirest.  Additional Motorola WAVE PTX TLK 100 handsets are being deployed at UCLH (Grafton Way site).  The TLK 100’s will be used by security, porters, cleaning and catering teams.

Our directive was to identify a solution for a robust, future proof, multisite, cost-effective Push-to-Talk radio system.  Following extensive surveying and in view of the complexity of the site and UHF channel congestion in Central London, Motorola WAVE PTX was proposed.

The site houses a Vodafone cell enhancer, which ensures strong, seamless 4G and 3G coverage in all parts of the building.   The TLK100 use all four available cellular networks, as well as the buildings Wi-Fi and will roam and connect to the strongest signal available.  Remote offices are also utilised by Medirest.  The team members situated at these offices can continue to communicate with the team at the Grafton Way site due to the nationwide coverage.

The additional radios were quick and easy to programme and deploy.  The programming took place at our offices in Berkhamsted using the WAVE Portal.  Within a matter of minutes, the radios were live and connected to all the relevant talk-groups and contacts. With Motorola WAVE PTX being a subscription based platform, the ability to scale up and have a good handle on costs makes managing the radios easy for the customer.

If you have a question regarding Motorola WAVE PTX or would like to arrange a demonstration, please contact us on 01442 864867.

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