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Motorola digital upgrade begins at Country Estate
21st July 2021
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5th August 2021

Motorola WAVE PTX™ impressing in the Security Sector


We continue to work closely with several security companies, supporting them with their communication requirements.  We are delighted to say that Motorola Wave PTX is proving a success for these organisations.

How is it working?

The companies that we are working with typically run many operatives who cover anything from large scale events to door personnel.  They will often be running multiple operatives at multiple sites at the same time.  Typically, the sites will be managed on an individual basis however, Motorola WAVE PTX now brings the wider team together.


Operatives in the field will utilise the TLK100.  This provides an easy to use, robust two-way radio with clear audio.  Operatives will be able to communicate with other team members, both at their location and also at other locations, nationwide.  They will also be able to have direct dialogue with supervisors who may be positioned at HQ 50 miles away.  The TLK100 is able to deliver this capability due to the wide area coverage that is available via 3G/4G.


Patrol vehicles are also part of the conversation with the deployment of the TLK150.  This provides personnel with nationwide coverage and the ability to communicate safely at a push of a button.  With the ability to communicate with multiple sites, this can ensure rapid deployment.


Back at HQ, Motorola WAVE PTX Dispatch provides the centralised communication point.  The Dispatcher can log in from any PC.  They will be able to communicate with the entire team at multiple sites.  Individual calls can be made along with group calls.  If an incident is reported at one venue, they will be able to quickly deploy more resource and effectively co-ordinate their response.  For both the management and welfare of the team, Dispatch will also locate and track team members based on real time location.

With a significant number of personnel often in the field at any one time, deployed at a variety of locations, Motorola WAVE PTX brings the team together.  Incidents are responded to quicker and managed far more effectively.  Motorola WAVE PTX connects your team with greater speed and efficiency with a push of a button.

If you would like a demonstration of the WAVE service, please contact us on 01442 864867

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