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WAVE PTX™ – communication for grounds maintenance


Motorola WAVE PTX™ provides local councils and contractors with an effective communication tool.  The Motorola WAVE PTX™ platform enables ground maintenance teams to stay connected and stay safe.

How is it working?

With many ground maintenance operatives working at a variety of locations, Motorola WAVE PTX™ provides the platform to communicate between operatives located at different sites and with their main office. With a push of a button, the team can efficiently co-ordinate their work schedule.  They can also remain in contact with HQ, keeping management informed with progress and any potential issues.  HQ can also manage the projects more effectively and move operatives as they see fit.  We are ultimately seeing projects operating with greater efficiencies and an enhancement to existing health and safety procedures.


Operatives working on projects at parks, gardens and such like, utilise the TLK100.  This provides an easy to use, robust two-way radio with clear audio.  Operatives will be able to communicate with other team members, both at their location and also at other locations, nationwide.  They will be able to have direct dialogue with supervisors who may be positioned at Head Office.  The TLK100 is able to deliver this capability due to the wide area coverage that is available via 3G/4G.


Maintenance vehicles can also be provided with instant communication via the deployment of the TLK150.  This provides personnel with nationwide coverage if needed and the ability to communicate safely at a push of a button.  No time is lost when moving between sites or to and from Head Office.  Instructions and updates can be safely delivered while on the move!


Motorola WAVE PTX Dispatch provides the centralised communication point.  The Dispatcher can log in from any PC.  They will be able to communicate with the entire team at multiple sites.  Individual calls can be made along with group calls aiding allocation of resource and ensuring any incidents are shared.  For both the management and welfare of the team, Dispatch will also locate and track team members based on real time location.

If you would like a demonstration of the WAVE service, please contact us on 01442 864867

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