Motorola WAVE PTX APP – Set up video
25th March 2022
Motorola WAVE PTX – Warehouse and Logistics video
1st April 2022


We take great pride in the two-way radio systems that we install for our clients.  This is not just at the installation stage but for the long-term.  We want our clients to ensure that they have a system that is fully functional and giving the business operational efficiencies – not headaches!

Two-way radio – Service and maintenance

We will always look to provide any client with a service and maintenance package to ensure optimum performance of their system for the years ahead.  Including regular service visits, part of our maintenance package will include:

  • Visiting all departments that operate two-way radios.
  • Onsite repair of equipment if required.
  • Reprogramming of radios if required.
  • Deep clean of equipment including sanitisation.

We also ensure that we are available 24/7.  This is hugely important to many sectors that we provide two-way radio solutions to. Department Heads will have direct telephone numbers, ensuring quick response times.

Planned maintenance of radio infrastructure will also be provided.  This ensures that the system is operating at its full potential with any required updates implemented.

If you think you would benefit from a two-way radio – service and maintenance visit, contact Wirefr3 on 01442 864867

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