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Two-way radios at Highclere Castle
21st October 2022
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28th October 2022


Two-way radios play an important part in running a successful event.  This may be either crowd control or the actual event management where your first obligation is to public health and safety.  To remain in control of your event, two-way radio communication is business critical!

When organising an event, two-way radio communications can often be forgotten in the planning process.  This often leads to rushed and poor decision making in the type of two-way radio required.

With the wrong type of radio purchased or hired, all the hard work that had been put into the event planning unravels as your team cannot communicate effectively.  With this is mind, we would always advise a survey being undertaken at the event venue at the earliest opportunity.

A well-rounded two-way radio solution – Motorola Wave PTX

When organising an event, there will typically be a control point, management/supervisors and staff on the ground.  Motorola Wave PTX offers a well-rounded solution to keep these three groups connected and to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Control Point – The user can utilise Wave PTX Dispatch.  Log in from any internet connection and access all the communication tools you will need to co-ordinate the event.  Keep in touch with your teams or individuals.  Monitor communication and locations to improve co-ordination and planning.  Send out alerts or broadcast an emergency – all this at a push of a button.

Management / Supervisors – Utilise the Wave PTX App – turn your smartphone into a PTT two-way radio and talk to individuals or groups at a push of a button.  Use the location function or share photos or voice messaging.  Being on the management team, switch between your smartphone and radio to multitask or you may even be working away from the event but wish to keep in touch with proceedings.

Staff – Your team on the ground need a reliable and robust handheld radio – the Wave PTX TLK100.  Simple user controls make communication instant and managing calls easy.  Europe-wide 3G/4G network coverage and Broadband connectivity will see the radio switch seamlessly between the two, depending what signal is strongest.

Wave PTX allows you to connect your team across different devices and locations and will help deliver a successful event.

If you would like to discuss Motorola WAVE PTX in more detail, then please contact us on 01442 864867.

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