TLK100 - Effortless two-way radio
TLK100 – Effortless two-way radio
28th November 2022
wave ptx - business ready
WAVE PTX – Business ready
14th December 2022


Kirisun DP405 docks at SEACON

Wirefr3 are delighted to welcome SEACON as a new client.  SEACON (SG) Ltd is a port based terminal operator located within the port of Tilbury (London).  Their business offers cargo handling, storage and distribution services.

SEACON had previously been using phones to communicate between the office, warehouse and dockside.  The team encountered daily issues with signal strength and calls dropping out.

Wirefr3 conducted a survey of the site.  This allowed the team at SEACON to see first hand how the radios would perform, if any black spots were identified and how the radios could benefit the day to day operation.  The survey was a success, with the Kirisun DP405 two-way radio producing outstanding results.  The Kirisun DP405 connected the 3 key areas of the daily operation – office – warehouse – dockside.  When shipments arrive, a team will lift from dockside and load into the warehouse.  This is an extremely busy environment with little downtime.  The communication between the 3 key areas is of paramount importance.  The Kirisun DP405 provides clear and effective push to talk radio communication.  The team are now more focused on the job in hand and ultimately this is improving efficiency.

The Kirisun DP405 is a great value two-way radio.  The radio works in digital and analogue mode and is light weight but robust.  Its battery provides up to 16 hours of talk time and is lone worker ready.

If you would like to discuss the Kirisun DP405 in more detail then please call Wirefr3 on 01442 864867.


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