TLK110 launch video
13th February 2023
TLK110 – device management made simple
7th March 2023



TLK110 – Don’t curb your communications.  The Motorola TLK110 doesn’t restrict range due to its its UK and Europe-wide coverage.

With WAVE PTX™ and the TLK110 radio, push to talk (PoC) communication takes place over a stable, widespread network.  Important communication can then be delivered to work partners instantly, whether it’s UK or Europe-wide.  Where connection may be limited, such as in a warehouse or underground, the TLK110 radio can place calls over your pre-existing 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks, providing reliability and flexibility, no matter the environment.

With the TLK 110 radio, you can confidently communicate with clarity. The TLK110 uses AI- backed noise suppression to eliminate background noise in loud or busy environments such as construction sites or warehouses.  In addition to filtering out background noise, the TLK110 delivers loud, clear, high-quality audio with its integrated full range speaker.

Communicate freely with VOX PTT, an option for hands-free communication.  The TLK110’s VOX functionality is only triggered by voice, so you can easily use it in noisy environments.  The TLK110 also works with Bluetooth earpieces, so if your radio is out of reach, you can still hear what is happening and communicate with your teams.


If you would like to discuss the TLK110 radio, then please contact us on 01442 864867



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