TLK110 – Don’t curb your communications
21st February 2023
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14th March 2023



TLK110 – device management made simple

Communicate instantly and manage your business with ease with the Motorola WAVE PTX™ TLK110.

The WAVE PTX™ portal allows centralised management of your fleet, so account and team settings can be configured and updated remotely.  Talk groups can also be remotely set up and defined to assign devices based on location; for example, when a driver pulls into a manufacturing facility, their device will automatically switch from a driving talk group to the facility talk group.

The TLK110’s GPS functions not only allow for location-based talk groups but also for outdoor device tracking.  With this feature, you can easily access location data for tracking, device management and workflow systems, no matter where your employees are.

Keep devices where they’re most effective – in the hands of employees.  With the TLK110, all software updates can be managed and implemented remotely, so your radios no longer have to be removed from the workplace to receive updates.  Remote software management not only streamlines the update process, but it also reduces expenditures on required tools for onsite updating.  With remote software updates, you can reduce your workload and lose the programming cables.


  • Centralised device provisioning
  • Remote software updates
  • Remote talk group setup
  • GPS/GNSS location tracking
  • Location-based talk groups
  • Interoperable with smartphones/tablets via WAVE PTX™
  • WAVE PTX™ Dispatch compatible

If you would like to discuss the TLK110 radio, then please contact us on 01442 864867



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