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14th April 2023
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28th April 2023



TLK100 – Construction projects

Managing a construction project has plenty of challenges and can be stressful at times.  A key component within a build is project management and in particular the communication between key stakeholders.  Having instant and direct communication 24/7 can ensure critical decisions can be acted upon straight away.  This is where the TLK100 radio and project management works so effectively.

With their 3G/4G and broadband connectivity, the TLK100 provides UK and Europe-wide radio coverage.  What does this mean in practice?  Your project management team including designers, site manager etc may be located at different locations throughout the UK and even Europe.  They would still be able to all have a group discussion via their TLK100 radio.  The user can also opt to make personal radios call if he/she chooses.  The TLK100 radio is is also built to withstand dirt, dust and falls – making them a far better fit for a construction site than a smartphone.

So, from the offices of your business, the design team, key suppliers to name a few and the construction site, all key stakeholders have instant push to talk communication.  This will deliver greater efficiency by allowing everyone to be part of the conversation.

If you would like to discuss the Motorola TLK100 radio, then please contact us on 01442 864867


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