WAVE PTX – Europe-wide communication
19th May 2023



TLK100 – travel sector

We are delighted to welcome a new travel sector client who is utilising the WAVE PTX™ TLK100 radio.

The client specialises in exclusive, tailor-made holiday packages for culture-orientated and arts enthusiasts.  The tours range from large and complex groups with 50 plus participants, or a more private arrangement of a dozen or so participants.  Managing these packages has its logistical challenges.  Co-ordination of the participants and maintaining dialogue with operations back in the UK is hugely important to the business owners.  This is where the WAVE PTX TLK100 radio comes into its own.  With its instant push to talk communication, staff are able to manage the groups quickly and efficiently.  The team are also able to remain in contact with the UK whilst overseas at a simple push of a button.

The WAVE PTX TLK100 radio is an exciting addition to the team and will ultimately enhance what is already a slick and professional business.

If you would like to discuss the Motorola TLK100 radio, then please contact us on 01442 864867


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