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26th May 2023
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WAVE PTX – city sightseeing

WAVE PTX – city sightseeing tours is a great combination for tour businesses.  Guides and tour bus drivers are typically dispersed over a large area, potentially without communication between one another and back to head office.  This can be easily rectified with the WAVE PTX communication service.  The service allows users to communicate with each other at a simple press of a button over a wide area (UK and Europe).  This ensures staff members are safe and will also improve the efficiency of the tours.

Motorola WAVE PTX devices

Walking tour guides can operate the WAVE PTX TLK100 handheld radio.  The handheld radio is light-weight and easy to handle and use.  A simple press of a button and enjoy one to one or group calls.  Whether its other tour guides, tour bus drivers or head office, you’ll always be in range!

Tour buses can utilise the WAVE PTX TLK150 radio.  A radio that is hard wired into the vehicle where you can safely transmit to all your colleagues.  Turn on the tracking function and ensure Head Office know your location in real time via the WAVE PTX PC Dispatcher.

Head Office can deploy the WAVE PTX PC Dispatcher.  The WAVE PTX PC Dispatcher allows its operator to communicate to individuals or to a group with a simple push of a button. They can also track and locate all radio users and set up geofences to ensure users are operating in designated areas.

With the large areas that city sightseeing tours typically cover, Motorola WAVE PTX is a perfect communication solution.

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