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8th June 2021
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WAVE PTX – Elite Forces and Security Training Facilities


Motorola WAVE PTX connects teams across different devices, networks and locations.  With these attributes, WAVE PTX has become a valuable communications tool for training facilitators in Elite Forces and Security.

With various training activities taking place often in different locations, the ability to share data instantly has great value.  This data will come in a variety of formats, all communicated instantly via the Motorola WAVE PTX platform.

Central to the data share and co-ordination of any training course is the Dispatch.  This is a web-based platform which can be set up anywhere with an internet connection.  It will allow the facilitator to collect a whole raft of information and share it with other facilitators either in the UK or Europe.  They can make group or individual calls to other facilitators to share instant observations or feedback.  They can also share text, video, photo and files across training centres. Often the type of training will cover wide areas.  WAVE PTX provides a mapping and location service, allowing the facilitator to monitor an individual’s whereabouts.

Supervisors on the ground need to keep in contact with either each other or the Dispatch.  The TLK100 provides instant push-to-talk communication.  With its robust design, it can withstand tough environments whilst its wide area coverage allows instant communication with other team members in locations across the UK and Europe.

Information can also be shared with others who may not be located at the training sites but need to have a handle on the candidate’s progress.  This is done by downloading the WAVE PTX App and turning their smartphone into a two-way radio.  The App will allow instant PTT communication, multimedia messaging and provide location and mapping services.

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