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7th July 2021
Motorola digital upgrade
Motorola digital upgrade begins at Country Estate
21st July 2021


Wirefr3 provided Stonor Estate with a Motorola two-way radio system (DP4400e and DP3441e).  This solution centred around providing improved coverage across the Estate and Grounds. With the successful implementation of the radio system, we were invited to work with the team again to provide an improved Health and Safety solution.  This solution focused on their Lone workers in remote locations carrying out tree cutting & maintenance.

The Estate wanted to ensure that these team members had a system that allowed them to notify & activate responders to any distress situations.

Lone worker function

We provided team members with a lone worker function on their two-way radios.  The“Lone Worker” function provides a tone at regular intervals to which the lone worker needs to respond by pressing the PTT button.  If the worker fails to respond within a pre-defined time, the radio will go into emergency mode.  This sends an alert and user ID to all other users who facilitate an emergency response.  The radio goes into hot-mic mode (open transmit) whereby the lone worker does not need to press the PTT to make a call.  The worker can then talk into his radio and communicate with others if he is unable to utilise his hands or if he has fallen and unable to move.

Millions of workers within the UK are lone workers. Businesses must ensure that they have the correct safety procedures in place to protect them.  Two-way radios provide an excellent solution for keeping workers connected and safe.  In addition to the lone worker function, Wirefr3 can provide a “man down” function. This function will automatically send an emergency call when a worker is injured or falls unconscious.

To understand more on these functions, please contact Wirefr3 on 01442 864867.


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