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14th October 2021
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Motorola WAVE PTX – Improving communication in Colleges


Motorola WAVE PTX is improving communication in colleges.  Colleges are under more and more pressure to ensure student/employee safety as well as ensuring that the institution is working as efficiently as possible. Motorola WAVE PTX takes two-way radio communication to the next level and improves safety and efficiency even further.

To operate an efficient two-way radio system over a large area, radio infrastructure would typically need to be commissioned.  This infrastructure can be costly and time consuming to install.  Motorola WAVE PTX does not require such infrastructure.  Wave PTX is a network independent multimedia communication subscription service thats instantly connects your team at a push of a button. The platform operates on a 3G/4G broadband basis.  It roams between 3G/4G and WIFI, picking up the most effective signal.

With WAVE PTX being a subscription based service, it allows for easier budgeting.  With no infrastructure costs involved as described above, you simply chose your device and subscription.


When you need to communicate quickly and easily with college personnel, the TLK100 radio makes this happen.  You can make individual or group calls at a touch of a button and securely link multiple teams across multiple campuses.  The radio itself is a robust radio that will withstand knocks and drops and has a IP54 rating.  Whilst robust, it is sleek in design with a small antenna, providing easy handling.  Battery life is important for users in such educational facilities.  The TLK battery has up to 18 hours of battery life, seeing you through the day.  With its 3G/4G Europe-wide coverage, it also allows staff to take the radios with them – either across campus or further afield yet remaining in contact with the college.


In addition to the TLK100, WAVE PTX users also have the option of an App.  By downloading the WAVE PTX App, you have the ability to turn your smartphone into a two-way radio.  This will allow you to make both group and individual calls.  The user also has the ability to share photos, video, text and files quickly and effectively.  The App also provides the user with location and mapping services where you can identify the location of the users.

If you would like a demonstration of the Motorola WAVE PTX service or have any further questions, please contact us on 01442 864867.

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